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So we didn't have a session. I started one up and waited 20 mins for everyone to join and only one person joined. We will try again tommorrow but its looking very doubtful
I will be planning to start a session today at 6PM EDT So please attend if possible. I will be available between 3-5pm for training if needed
I will be hosting a training session today for all Civilian applicants at 5:00 PM EDT!
Anyone available to help make a recruitment video? Message me on xbox, iEden Hazard. Will start session in about 30min
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There will be a police training session tonight (saturday) at 1800 CST. Anyone who needs training needs to do the following three things in order to attend: 1. Post a reply here saying you will attend and your gamertag. 2. Send me a frie...
Traffic Stop Procedures
I have made changes to the prices on how much you can sell Illegal Arms and Drugs for. You can now sell them for more then the set price. But there is still a limit to keep the economy fair. For the new Illegal Arms prices please go her...
I will be hosting a police training session tonight. If anyone wants to join, please comment below and add my gt. iEden Hazard
Well we have gottten a lot of new members over the past 2 days. So I will be hosting a training session today at 5:00 PM EDT for everyone that applied for civilian. In case you do not see this I will be sending a Mass Message out on Xbox...
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